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Cleansing Nectar

Cleansing Nectar

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*Rise & Glow is now simply, Cleansing Nectar**&& now offered with an imporoved consistency thanks to the powers of Tara Root.**

Start your morning with a wildly hydrating and rejuvenating start with the plumping hydration of tremella, honey and flax glycerine.

This gentle cleanser contains clears the pores without use of any surfactants (think soapy bubbles), thereby protecting your skins natural oil composition and skin biome.

2 ounces.


Skin care routine-

Massage a liberal amount of cleanser onto your face and décolletage . Let set, allowing to saturate until honey becomes sticky.

Using cool water gently rinse by splashing water on face or using clean washcloth.

Follow with toner and moisturizer of choice to hydrate and protect your fresh and clean skin.

Shelf life-

Feed your skin.

We believe that if its important to you to eat fresh, you should have your skincare fresh too.

For this reason we use little to no preservatives in our products.

Rise and Glow contains an organic lactobacillus fermentation derived preservative to keep it fresh. It has a shelf life of 9 months.

To extend the life of your product:

Keep bottle in cool place out of direct sunlight. Keeping in fridge will extend life of product.

Use & Care information

Lather in your hands with water. Use a washcloth for gentle exfoliation.


aloe, flax glycerine, local honey, tremella mushroom, leucidal(radish root lactobacillus preservative)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Love how this product makes my skin feel. Nourished

Carolyn Danforth

I love this cleanser, its got the most wonderful airy consistency. Smells great, it's not foamy, it's not soapy, no bubbles, works so well. If this touches your lips, no worries because it literally tastes like honey. Seriously. I've never had such a pleasant experience of a cleanser accidentally getting in my mouth. I feel like this nourishes my skin anytime I use it. Adore!


this leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, soft and nourished, not dry and itchy like other soapy cleaners

Margot Lucchesi

Rise and Glow Cleansing Nectar

Luxurious honey nectar

I have a simple face product routine including this nectar! It’s the right amount of sticky and smoothe that feels sooo luxurious to use. Thank you soft n fat for your creation with great ingredients !! I purchase the subscription to stay stocked !

It’s not just nourished skin we’re after.


Explore the heart of the “why” behind our products at Soft n’ Fat, meet the farmers and ranchers that we trust to provide our high quality ingredients, and hear how their methods are healing our soils.

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