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Clay Cleanser

Clay Cleanser

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*Midnight Rose is now simply Clay Cleanser** Bottle Size has changed from 2oz to 50ml (1.69oz)**We have also improved the formulas stability by swapping out the rosehip seed oil for an organic rosehip extract with improved benefits for the skin!**

End your day deeply saturating and dissolving the excess oils and environmental grime from your pores. Our Midnight Rose evening oil cleanser is gently exfoliating and leaves the skin feeling supple and soft.

Gentle enough for all skin types.

2 ounces.

Skin care routine-

Massage a liberal amount of cleansing oil onto your face and décolletage . Let set, allowing oils a moment to saturate and dissolve.

Using a clean steamy washcloth, lay cloth on face, then pat and gently wipe off oil.

Follow with toner and moisturizer of choice to hydrate and protect your fresh and clean skin.

Shelf life-

Feed your skin.

We believe that if its important to you to eat fresh, you should have your skincare fresh too.

For this reason we use little to no preservatives in our products.

Midnight rose contains an organic rosemary derived antioxidant to keep it fresh. It has a shelf life one year.

To extend the life of your product:

Keep bottle in cool place out of direct sunlight. Keeping in fridge will extend life of product.



Oregon Emu oil, jojoba oil, hazelnut oil, meadowfoam seed oil, rosehip seed oil, french rose clay, rosemary antioxidant

Care information

Feed your skin.

We believe that if you want your food fresh, you should have your skincare fresh too.

For this reason we use little to no preservatives in our products.

The cooler and the darker the place you keep your products, the longer they will last!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Linda Scruton

I LOVE this cleanser! I feel like I'm getting a spa treatment every time I wash my face. Best way to start and end every day! Thank you 😊

Cristen Thompson

My skin has never felt better!

Megan W

I have used the other oil cleanser and this one. I like this one because it is more oily and cleans my skin better.

Emily V
Fav Evening Ritual

This is by far my favorite fat-based cleanser. It’s creamy and dreamy and my skin has been so so happy and nourished since I started using it.


This cleanser works amazing. Easily takes makeup off, even mascara. Leaves skin hydrated. Personally use mainly at night, but is gentle enough when used twice a day. No irritation. Wonderful product.

It’s not just nourished skin we’re after.


Explore the heart of the “why” behind our products at Soft n’ Fat, meet the farmers and ranchers that we trust to provide our high quality ingredients, and hear how their methods are healing our soils.

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