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Sea Mist (Cooling Mist & Texture Spray)

Sea Mist (Cooling Mist & Texture Spray)

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This cooling mist is formulated to instantly provide cooling and hydration to the skin on those blazing hot days, as well as adding texture to your hair for that beachy vibe.

The combination of aloe and local honey work as humectants, drawing hydration in, while the Oregon sourced Jacobsen sea salt softens the skin. These benefits combined with the cooling effects of our house made peppermint hydrosol, make for the perfect summer cool down in a bottle.

Follow with a tallow balm to lock in your skins newfound hydration!

As a bonus- spray that mist in your frizzy locks for the BEST texturing of your dang life.

Use & Care information

Spritz liberally onto skin for instant cooling and hydrating effects.

Spray a little in your hair and run your fingers through or scrunch for added texture.


Peppermint hydrosol, aloe, distilled water, local raw honey, Oregon sea salt, birch bark extract

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The best!

I added this to my order on a whim because it sounded really nice and it is so good. This is the best texture spray I’ve ever used. It adds nice texture to your hair, but it leaves it soft and with plenty of volume. Love it!

nervous system reset

big fan of this cooling mist. provides me and my toddler with a sweet fun misty moment, in addition to hydrating our skin and taming our hair. just bonuses all around. love this kind of product that keeps on giving im multiple dimensions 🌀

Julissa Lugo
Cooling mist

I’m a lover of this brand as a whole. When this product was added I knew I needed to try it, especially since I was moving back to FL. The Cooling mist is doing such a good job of keeping you cool and wow my curls look so hydrated. I would highly recommend, this product lives in my daily bag and goes with me everywhere.

It’s not just nourished skin we’re after.


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